Let's admit it, our Korra feels and emotions dominate us all. So get ready to feel all the feels, because here they come! ;)
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    Guys! I know most of you are probably checking your dashboard while waiting for the latest episode of Korra to debut on Nick.com.

    Well fuck that. You can watch it right here right right now thanks to this lovely user on Vimeo. Enjoy!

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  • nuktuk:

    So yeah, now I’m 100 percent positive that Suyin is part of the Red Lotus. She made that comment about the Earth Queen and how they should move aside. Then, Zaheer explained how kings, queens and government are outdated, and there shouldn’t be a need for authority figures. 

    Yas. Yas. Yas.

    Suyin… Ohhhhh my senses were right
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  • heartcoma:

    Get Korra out of here!

    That’s right mako…. Go to your lady

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  • frostied:

    maybe Jesus was gay the whole time and was actually saying “ah, men”

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    requested by anon!

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  • this is the the greatest thing ive ever read


    BUT WAITimage

    …it gets better

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  • The New Team Avatar

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  • uzumakijk:

    There’s another secret society that aims to restore the freedom to the people - the Red Lotus.

    The red dayum lotus Mother of Zeus
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  • prescriptivism-literally-sucks:

    I signed up to learn Italian not American fucking English buddy


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  • croutoncat:

    people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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  • ebonynightwriter:

    those armssss

    here have a grumpy mako for your blog

    Thank you for your generosity
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  • korragifrequests:

    what legit happened in this scene

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  • "Bitch gon’ die tonight."
    Actual quote from Chief Lin Beifong upon learning that her sister Suyin let Korra chase after Aiwei. (via bemynew-obsession)
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  • korraspirit:

    Similar colouring in the backgrounds. Could these three pictures be from the same scene, possibly hinting that Asami could be the reason behind Korra being tied up? Asami being evil is probably a little too random and unrealistic, but who knows. It’s probably the same scene but nothing shady involved with Asami.

    Cred to @thatkorra for the idea behind this post! 

    Am I the only one who thinks asami isn’t evil, was never evil or shall never be evil ?
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